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Turbine view

Turbine view, originally uploaded by ccgd.

As part of my wider trip to Finland, visited a windfarm on the Baltic coast. We got to look inside the towers, and play around at the base of this remarkably quiet two meg device.

So having spent a tiresome day travelling back from Finland, some random rambles.

This photo is the right way up

Edinburgh Airport have their Christmas decorations up already. Scary.

My trip was booked through BA, but I did not travel on a single BA plane (Loganair, FlyBe and Finair if you are interested)

Manchester airport is being renovated. I got lost. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

Newspapers in Finland have a business model that most UK editors would give their right arm for – people subscribe – ie they pay in advance (yearly!) to have their papers delivered to their door. In the case of the …. Paper which I visited last week when in Finland they get their paper delivered at 6:00 in the morning. If you subscribe it costs 65 cents (about 40p) if you buy at the newsstand it costs 2 Euros….. Great business if you can get it.

One of the more subtle things about the all persuasive consecutiveness of modern travel is you are no longer removed from the news and politics of where you live – if you want. With on-line editions of the Scottish papers, and google news services it finally means that us poor saps can read Scottish papers on-line, rather than the day old editions of the grandly titled UK papers (all printed in London).

Why is it that the only papers you get in Airport lounges are the Telegraph, the FT and the Daily Mail? An occasional Times, and an even more occasional Guardian.

However it does mean that we can read the remarkable anti-Scottish bile (and downright lies) that is being “written” by London based journalists in these “quality” journals. Quite staggering. And these are from pro-unionist papers…….

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