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Conference Centre Roof

Conference Centre Roof, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Just about to disappear to Boston for my bi-annual visit to MIT, where we sponsor the MIT Media Lab, and other MIT programmes. This photo is a snap of the roof of the main MIT conference centre, which I took back in May.

MIT is a strange mixture of classical early 20th Century buildings, weird strange half baked nondescript labs dumped on derelict lots, and quite spectacular architecture. The new Stada building is by far the best, but this 80's clam shell conference centre is pretty cool as well.

I'm flying through Edinburgh, so that's a drive down the A9 on a Sunday morning. It's weird not flying from Inverness, which I have done regularly for the past 20 years, but the recent changes to flight patterns from the Highland Airport mean that's its usefulness as a airport that you can connect from is almost zero.

Which is strange and a bit sad. However the growth of Inverness airport is as a point to point location - which is does very well - but as an airport that allows you to through connect - on business - its now almost useless.

Partly is the disappearance of BA. Flybe are probably the worst airline that I've travelled on, constantly late, rude and surly staff, and worst of all - on their UK routes - they fly out of Gatwicks south terminal. And they provide a low fare service at the price of a full fare airline,

Gatwick South Terminal is hell on earth, quite simply. I'm embarrassed that the vast majority of people flying into the Highland Capital from London have to go through Gatwick South Terminal (for Flybe or Easy Jet) or Luton. BMI's Heathrow flight does not count, as its at such a useless time, one can only assume that they are hanging on to slot to transfer to a Transatlantic flight when they wear down BAA.

Its clear that you cannot live in the past, and its great that Inverness Airport is busier than ever. But it's now a low cost, point to point airport, which suits a lot of people, but not me.

So I'm driving to Edinburgh..............

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