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Coldbackie - Sutherland

the view after 50 years, originally uploaded by ccgd.

I'm in the strange position of sitting at home, at 7:00pm on a Friday Night, waiting to travel to Inverness - to pick Charlie up from the 20:10 GNER, and then drive up to North Sutherland for the weekend. Just him and me, something that we not managed for quite a few years.

It's a weekend of report reviewing and brain storming ideas and topics for his final year dissertation (he has a cracking concept, but wants to explore some of the details a bit more. Exploring ideas is something I both enjoy - and am good at - and is enhanced with a couple of beers. And when it's with your oldest son, its a lot more fun.

I'm staggered that this is the first time that I've managed a weekend in Coldbackie this year. Its used a lot more in the summer these days, by the extended family, but work trips and Magnus's cycling has meant that time has been at a serious premium this year.

The forecast is good, so maybe some decent photos as well.....

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