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Sierra de Cuera from Poo - Llannes

Sierra de Cuera from Poo - Llannes, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Been at home for a few days - yes I know, most unusual - and what a weird, quiet and unusual week it was. Hamish passed his driving test, Magnus was away in France skiing, and Charlie was back to Uni. I was busy trying to re-decorate a number of rooms (modern speak for painting them in exactly the same colours they were before) but somewhat hampered by the fact that I had no specialist paint (ordered Monday and arrived Thursday) and the Rayburn was still playing up, over three weeks since it was serviced. A spooky co-incidence and once that may cause a few tears yet.

Working in the sitting room, painting and varnishing, as one does, I was playing music on my PC - in the adjacent study. I have the computer set up to show all the photos in My Pictures as a Screen saver, but am rarely around much to see them. This time, however, was different, and I saw series of snaps from 2, 3 and four years ago that I had forgotten existed.

This is a panorama from 2002, from our last holiday in Asturias. I remember taking three shots for a merge photo walking back to our car - parked at Poo beach (titter ye not missus) from the nearby, yet quite remote "Surfing Beach" named after a local saint.

It was our third year staying at the same house at Parres - just under these mountains - and our sixth year in Northern Spain. Great holidays, great memories, and great mountains....

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