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Oulu Door

Oulu Door, originally uploaded by ccgd.

I was in Northern Finland for most of last week, for work. It was the kick off meeting for a research project, funded through the EU's Northern Periphery Programme. It is an interesting project, comparing innovation systems and public sector innovation support mechanisms in Northern Scotland, Northern Sweden and of course Northern Finland.

I went geared up for -20C temperatures, as that was the forecast, but the weather changed with a warm front rolling over delivering snow and icy roads. It was still cold

Oulu was fun, albeit dark - very dark. I've been there a few times before, but only in May to October. January is quite different. What surprised me was the level of lighting throughout the town, and on the roads, which gave the snow a strange sodium yellow tinge. Weird.

There was an interesting group of old wooden buildings just across the river from the town centre. I liked this door...

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