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HMS Belfast sunset

HMS Belfast sunset, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Back in London for a couple of days - I almost feel that I've never been home since I passed through Heathrow's T5 last week on route from Washington.

This shot is of sunset over the Thames a couple of years ago, but tonight London is misty, chilly and noisy. Very noisy, but I suspect that just my hotel room.

I'm in a Hilton in the West end, overlooking Kensington Palace. Very nice, I hear you say, but what I did not realise when checking in tonight, and hearing the words - Oh we have upgraded you Mr Davidson to a deluxe King room with a wonderful view - also meant - and you will hear taxis, bus's and trucks all night, as well as every single group of exited European exchange student's leaving the Tube station DIRECTLY UNDER YOUR WINDOW!!!!!!!!

OK - I've got it off my chest, but living in Ross-shire also means that you forget how busy, noisy and 24 hour big cities actually are.

When I was a kid in the mid 60's Dad's job took us to Glasgow for a few years, before we moved back north to Inverness.

To this day I remember on our very first night in the new house in Bearsden standing at the bay window looking down to Bearsden Cross, just listening to the sound of traffic, watching the headlights, and marvelling at the lightness of darkness, whilst Kai slept peacefully behind me. i must have sat their for hours, just watching and listening, not sure what to make of it.

A long way from a crofting township on the outskirts of Lerwick.

Cities are OK to visit, but I like the quietness of home.

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