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Carnegie institute of Washington

Carnegie institute of Washington, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Washington was wet, and a little bit cold. Now its warm and very sunny. A strange climate. Its also not very high rise, the bits I’ve walked through, but it seems very “bitty” – lots of older buildings, but no coherent building style. Difficult to pin down, it’s just not European.

The Carnegie Institute of Washington is a case in point - on the corner of P and 15th (not very imaginative street names) its neo-classical looks date from 1905. But its surrounded by red brick and modern concrete, all on their own little lots,

However, I've Just spent the past two days sitting in the lecture theatre here, a rather fascinating conference on Marine Renewable Energy - for a Global (ie US) prespective.

The sun came out on day two.

That Mr Carnegie got a lot of places, onced he'd left Dunfermline.

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