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A very vertical element in the landscape - and a kite

Just packing up to head out to the airport and home. My hotel is on the corner of Dupont circle, of which one half is lots of local shops, diners, bars and that ilk - the other half is corporate America. The bar here in the Hilton is a disappointment, small and catering to that days business travelers. I tried it for one beer, with my book, and was immediately challenged by a Norm (from Cheers) type, who boomed - how can you read in a busy bar like this, with all these distractions......

Thinking - and trying - by ignoring you, you prat - did not work, nor was the conversation helped when he commented on my "strange accent" and when I told him I was from Scotland, he asked which part of England that was...........

My reply - so which part of Canada does the USA fit into? - did not go down well. The guy lived in London for three years for goodness sake.

So I found this great little Bar/Dinner round the corner on 16th, long wooden bar, ex hippy barmen, cool local clientele, great steaks and burgers, and tragically closing down on the 1st June. Been sold to "Frat boys and creeps from up the hill" and will become part of a bar chain. The customers/locals only learnt yesterday, and the there was a sombre - almost funereal - mood in the bar.

But not enough for them to include me in their conversations about great surfer movies of all time (Point Break) and recommend the brie with my rare burger and mushrooms - with Brown sauce - and wish me a very nice day.

I do like America.

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