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Sun columns and shadows

Sun columns and shadows, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Toledo - August 2006.

Hot, Hot, Hot - not like today at all. winter is back in Ross-shire, so its inside jobs today, and maybe even put the fire on later.

This is the courtyard of the 16th century hospital built by Cardenal Tavera, just outside the walls of the old city of Toledo. It is a beautiful example of Spanish Renaissance architecture and features the original pharmacy and library complete with medicine bottles, etc., and huge leather-bound books containing the records of patients.

Also an interesting collection of paintings scattered through the rooms. It can only be visited in the company of a staff member who takes you on a multilingual tour (English and Spanish in our case, although there were four young french kids with us, so there was some mumbled translations from Spanish to English to French, and vice versa).

The place is huge, as the guide opens and unlocks the rooms for you you feel quite alone in this enormous building. We were there Sunday at noon and there were exactly six people on our tour - in August!.

Without a crowd around it felt like we were back in the 16th century.

We are planning a visit back in July.

I want to there, but I want it to be black and white, like this photo. Everything shadow and light, without the distraction of colour. At least for an hour or two:)

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