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Rigs in the mist

Rigs in the mist, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Mist and Gloaming - and oil rigs.

All of a sudden the oil rigs are back. OK they are clustered around the service base at Invergordon, all except the Hutton TLP sitting yellow and rusty up by Cromarty.

Strangely I find their presence comforting. The Firth looks too empty without them, too big, too wide. This is not a common view, I think you'd agree. In fact the Ross-shire carried a "grumpy of somewhere" letter last week, moaning about their presence as he drove to visit family atTain - "making the Highlands look like a scrap yard".

I like harbours, I like ports. Ports only work where there is activity, movement, ships, rigs, bussle.

That's why I'm glad to see the rigs back.

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Just discovered your blog via Kal's. I like seeing rigs too, the view from my lounge is out over the Irish Sea (I think!) and there's something very comforting about looking out at night when the only light is from the distant rig.
Bendy Girl

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