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Ship yard

Ship yard, originally uploaded by ccgd.

I must admit that I like boats, and have a fascination with places where things of metal are made and fixed. This is Keflavik, near the airport in Iceland, and I delighted to find that this ship repair Yard was full of fishing vessels in various stages of "perchiness" and was completely deserted. It was a Sunday Morning of course, but the absence of chain wire fencing, and barking dogs was a very pleasant change for a photographer bent on capturing images of Rusty metal and decaying ships.

I froze waiting for the light to be just right though - Iceland in September with a north wind is bloody cold. Lots of fresh snow on the hills, but when the sun came out I captured these colours.

I visited a Library of Water yesterday, and just delivered a two lecture on rural regional development. If you watch the Icelandic news tonight you will see being interviewed about what Iceland can learn from Scotland. My initial reaction of "not much" would not have made for good TV, so I wittered. In fact I wittered for Scotland.

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