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Sunrise wreck

Sunrise wreck, originally uploaded by ccgd.

One of the famous fishing boat skeletons by the Ardullie roundabout by the A9. This is all that's left of a pre-WW1 Zulu fishing boat, on the North Shore of the Cromarty Firth, as the sun rises over the Black Isle.

I have spent most of my life driving past here, but Saturday was the first time that I stopped and had a look, and took some photos. I was always led to believe that these were fishing vessels that were abandoned by their crews when they were called up as reservists for the First War, and who never came back. However I recall an article (or a letter) in the Ross-shire journal some 20 years ago, which outlined the story of the two boats. I do not remember all the details, bur they were Avoch boats, left here over the winter in the soft mud of the firth, and it did involve the First war.

I must find out more.

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