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The Thousand Yard Stare

The Thousand Yard Stare, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Scottish Cycling's Neil Walker - the boys Performance Coach - was a solo rider - yes 24 hours on a bike - in the Strathpuffer. He led most of the later half, and eventually came third.

This was taken at 1:30 in the morning......

The whole event turned out as billed - the Tougher Puffer. Despite that the lads - racing as the Young Ones had an outstanding performance.

They came fourth - yes fourth.

For four 14 and 15 year old lads to come fourth in such an event is remarkable. In fact they were third for the first half of the race - and even managed to get as high as second - before a number of mechanical problems cost them a bit of time. After that their youth started to show.

The conditions were seriously bad - driving rain, hail, snow and gale forth winds. The rain caused the track to form the consistancy of fine sand paper, and brake pads only lasted 2-3 laps.

We started with eight bikes for four riders. Even after major middle of the night repairs, only three were left, and Magnus's packed up just as he started his final lap....

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