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Little and Large

Little and Large, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Cromarty has been busy with visitors this year, the Firth has been busy with Liners but the harbour area has been significantly quieter.

No Ferry, you see.

Not for want of trying I’m sure. The Cromarty Ferry Company sold the 25 year old Cromarty Rose last winter, and bravely invested a significant sum six figure sum of there own cash in a brand new larger four car ferry from a yard in Southampton. All credit to a local firm investing in a new facility.

The new vessel was supposed to arrive in May, then June, then July. But its not here yet, and one can only image the problems that has caused to the ferry company, and to travellers looking for the Ferry. It’s the cyclists I feel sorry for, as the short journey across the Cromarty Firth is a popular short cut for both touring cyclists and the Lands end to John O Groats lot.

A 35 mile detour at the end of a long day is not a great option.

So lets hope the new ferry arrives soon and rescues just a little bit of the end of the visitor season.

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