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Sunset over Cromarty

Sunset over Cromarty, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Cromarty can be a remarkable place for dramatic sunrises and sunsets, with the Sutors framing the morning sun, and the Ardross Hills and Ben Wyvis acting as a backdrop for the “setting of the sun”. The really spectacular ones tend to be more Autumnal, which made last nights almost midsummer display quite special.

You would hardly know that there was a large Port and quayside in this photo, with only the single light – reflected in the Firth – drawing your attention away from the almost Jovian display of clouds and colours.

Been home for a few days after what seems weeks of travelling. So its nice to take a walk along the beach in the very soft summer air and see this type of light display.

Holy gosh, I've been browsing the web for photos of various parts of Scotland in the past few hours and I've come across some right crackers - but this really takes the prize! Amazing shot, almost magical, I love it! The lowest hanging cloud looks as if though it's about to swoop down and catch a fish, or perhaps merge with the water. Lovely picture!

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