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1/4000 of a second

1/4000 of a second, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Flying Inverness Stornoway a few months ago, trying out the fastest shutter speed on the camera.......

Nice calm flight, unlike a February morning about 10 years ago when O was on a very windy flight to Stornoway.

When I say windy I mean windy - we were all over the place.

On landing, a gust caught a wingtip, and in a few seconds we veered of the runway and ended nose down in the grass (I distinctly heard the pilot say "Bugger" as we came to a very sudden stop).

There was a very strange quiet on the plane, and then I glanced out the window to see fire trucks screaming down the runway towards us, blue lights flashing. All sorts of things run through your mind - do I sit and wait, do I make a dash for the exits - when the Stewardess picked up the mike and said - her voice dripping with irony...

"Welcome to Stornoway Airport"

The whole plane just cracked up.

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