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Schools out - for ever

Schools out - for ever, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Wednesday night was Fortrose Academies Awards Ceremony, and our Magnus received a special sporting award for his success with the Scottish Cycling National Squad.

Fortrose Academy are great for that sort of thing, for recognising effort and achievement in all areas of school and life, music, sports, competitions, business, enterprise - you name it - they will recognise it.

Over the years we have been back and fore to the June awards ceremonies - Charlie and Hamish were pretty good at School Business competitions, and Mags with his cycling, but just as we drove after this one it struck me that this was the last. Magnus goes to Uni in the autumn, so our connections to Cromarty and Fortrose schools, indeed the Scottish Education system is now at an end.

After 18 years.

That’s a wee bit spooky.

......as a parent, but not as a professional!
love Ruth

and the university angle isn't over yet....

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