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Bridge of bones

Bridge of bones, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Carrbridge - Speyside

Blogging technical problems for the past week seem to have been resolved, and the forecast change in the weather is projected to "solve" the snow problems.

I'm sitting in the office in Inverness, witha sandwich and a cup of tea, looking out on a slowly thawing snowscape. Almost 10 days of snow seems a real throwback to the 70's when this type of weather seemed quite common.

This shot is from last week in Carrbridge - I'd left my car in Aviemore when on the train south (sadly its sometime easier and quicker to drive to Aviemore and pick up a train there, than get to the centre of Inverness, park, and get to the station), and arrived back their last week to a real winter wonderland. The snow was so deep that I took the chance to drive the old road back through Carrbridge to see if I could capture this shot.

And I did.

I remember thosse days too.... convoys to get back South after the holidays.
Oh, and I remember the bridge too nice shot.

Oh wow- this is one of my top favorites of yours. Stunning.

This looks like a painting! You are lucky to get a chance to click this picture. Amazing!

I also tried taking some pictures of snow but most of the time either the light is too low or the ligth reflecting from ice is bit too much. This one is brilliant!

Tarun Chandel

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