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Hutton TLP

Hutton TLP, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Bit of a ship spotters one, but here is the Hull of the Hutton TLP (Tension leg Platform) on route from Murmansk to Cadiz. It was built in the Cromarty Firth in 1984, at Nigg, and is still remembered for some industrial relatons issues around working conditions for the welders inside the hull (Orange Juice anyone?)

She lost a tow chain north of Shetland, and the tugs lost a lot of time and fuel, so they seem to have diverted to the Firth to Bunker.

The TLP will not be entering the firth though, she is staying out side whilst the tugs will take it in turns to fuel.

The ship in the Foreground is the Rumanian vessel, Shecksna, at anchor.

Taken yesterday afternoon from the summit of the South Sutor.

Oh and Happy New Year!

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