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robert aka coco

robert aka coco, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Taken on the 8th August 2008 - 8/8/8 - my old pal Robert Hogg, whose by name is coco (from his Grandfather I seem to remember).

We had just been for a sail around the firth in Roberts new boat (well more of a drift - the winds were light and variable) and here we were rowing back to the harbour in the smallest dingy that its possible to get two grown men in,

It did give me a interesting angle - almost as if I was in the water.

Postcript @ 19:00

I posted this snap on Flickr, which stimulated the following Men are from Mars - women are from Venus conversation:-

Kara (a pal from New York of the female persusion) asks:-

"What do you guys talk about"

I reply (thinking great this is my chance to show that men are not all dumb brutes who grunt at each other when not knocking back large pints):-

Interesting question Kara - thats exactly what Ruth and Chrissie (Roberts wife) ask as well.

We talk about boats, and sailing, and engines, - Robert gave me a blow by low account of his trip up from the Clyde in his new boat, how the engine mountings came loose, and how he fixed them - and about our kids, and what they are doing (our families are the same age), about birds, and fishing, about building oil rigs and wind turbines, about Highland politics and politicians, more stuff about ships and tugs, about whisky (we made tea laced with a good drop of malt) about our Dads and Granddads (who worked together in the 50's in Caithness at the Fishing), about Roberts time at sea as an engineer, and about the different boats I see in Boston Harbour, about mutual friends and about work.

Quite a lot actually, but as Ruth says - boys stuff.......

Kara replies:-

"Ruth's right...... "

Thats me put in my place.

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