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Magnus, originally uploaded by ccgd.

We were down at the Edinburgh Grand Prix at the weekend, at the Meadowbank Velodrome.

Magnus was racing - obviously - and did OK, got a couple of good places, and won an 8K points race.

Which was nice.

But what the weekne d highlighted to me was the huge step change that he, and his pals in the Scotland under 19 team, has to go through in performance and competition. From dominating youth races all of a sudden he and his team mates are racing against Scotland's and Europe's "A" riders, including ex world champs, Commie games riders, and international grade sprinters from Spain and the Netherlands.

And they did OK, that's the remarkable bit.

DId he tell you that I saw him? He was wandering down the street and I gave a wee "woo" on the siren to get his attention. His friend who was walking with him very nearly shat in his pants :)

Dead proud of Mag, dead proud of his cycling and, as I was trying to explain to a friend, dead proud that he has achieved what appears to be the holy grail of adolescence; growing into a young guy without turning into an arsehole.

Good lad. Well done. :)

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