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The men

The men, originally uploaded by ccgd.

We scattered Ruth's Dad's ashes on Christmas Morning, off the beach at Chanory Point, on the South side of the Black Isle.

Derrick was a great man for sport and the outdoors, and a championship swimmer, as well as a Scottish level Cricketer and Hockey player (the Inverness Courier ran his obituary just a few days before Christmas)

He loved Christmas, and it was fitting that we scattered his ashes into the sea and on the beach on Christmas Morning, before going back to our house and drinking a rather nice champagne in his memory.

I took my camera - as always - but hung back as Dick - his son - and the Grandsons prepared to scatter the ashes themselves. Ruth, her Mum and Sister in law (and me) stayed further back on the beach, perhaps subconsciously following the Highland tradition of men - and blood relatives - at the graveside.

The weather was glorious, and I must say that if I was to choose a spot for my mortal remains, Chanory Point would be pretty close to the top of the list.

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