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Whale, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Interesting ethical dilemma - whale meat on the menu, Minke Whale to be exact. Hardly an endangered species, although caught in less than a straightforward way.

Any way people say that whale meat is not very pleasant.

Wrong, absolutely delicious. Think a cross between the finest calves liver and a fillet steak.

Ummmm. Interesting one. Fillet steak sounds great; calf's liver sounds vile - but then again, I've never tried calf's liver. It's just the "liver" word that gives me the boaks :-(

Is the whale meat really that red, or is it just the way it's cooked in some fancy sauce?

Mmmm - maybe I was not precise enough. The taste was that of a fillet steak, with the texture of Calves Liver.

This was a raw starter, and it was that red, it was just served with Olive Oil and garnish - I tried a Whale steak for the main course as well.

Raw it was like smooth fillet - no fat at all, and tasted more like reindeer than venison. Cooked it was like a liver texture and finest fillet steak combined, but with a hint of the sea - not fish, but the sea.

Mind you I think I am one of the few people left in Scotland you enjoys eating liver and kidneys, so maybe that influences my views....

Intelligent people eat intelligent food :-)

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