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Getting Ready to Go

Getting Ready to Go, originally uploaded by ccgd.

January 2006 - the middle of the night, -4 Celcius and Ewan gets ready to go out on a two hour stint, supported by his Dad Dave.

Yes that was the easy Strathpuffer, but this weekend is the Tougher Puffer.

Wet, windy, then snowy, then cold then very cold.

and no moon.

Magnus, Ewan, Mark and Kenta are riding the UK's toughest endurance MTB event this weekend. The first three, along with Hamish Creber rode the first Strathpuffer last year - and came an amazing 12th out of 114 teams.

Not bad for a bunch of 13 and 14 year olds.

Well Hamish has now graduated to the GB Olympic development squad, so his place is take by Kenta Gallagher from Inverness. They are 14 and 15 now, all in the Scotland Youth team, supported by the Braveheart Cycling Fund, and to be blunt are the best U 16 MTB's to be found in Scotland.

So they should do OK. In fact their coach has this down as a training weekend.

How I will manage after 36 hours on my feet? I'll let you know Monday.

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