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Loch Ness Avenue

Loch Ness Avenue, originally uploaded by ccgd.

This snap was taken almost two years ago, on a trip to SAMS at Dunstaffnage, just north of Oban. I seem to remember that it was the very first time that I had stopped the car to take a photo, simply because I thought there was a good photo to be taken.

I'd been on flickr for about six weeks I seem to recall....

I've been up an down Loch Ness side a lot this week, which explains the lack of postings. Last weekend in Mull - yep Magnus cycling - and then a trip to Drumnadrochit, and an overnight stay - during the week (in a very nice, but very basic "Highland" Hotel - great food, great hospitality, but rooms that reminded me of staying with my Aunt in Caithness 30 years ago).

Driving past the Loch Ness Monster exhibition, and their large model of a plesiosaur, aka Nessie, reminded me of recent article in New Scientist (a magazine which I enjoy reading immensely) where an earnest scientist had analysed the neck bones of the plesiosaur, and concluded that it had evolved for bottom feeding, and could only flex downwards, therefore it was impossible for the Loch Ness Monster to be a plesiosaur, as it could not swim with its head in the famous "swan" position.

A week later there was a letter asking if the researcher had considered that Nessie was simply swimming on her back.....

New Scientist readers - brilliant!

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