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Wind Bound Lerwick

Wind Bound Lerwick, originally uploaded by ccgd.

A photo by JD Ratter the famous Shetland Photographer. Dates from around 1880. This is a scan of a copy that hangs on our stairs.

The view is of a barque moored in Brei Wick, a bay just south of the town of Lerwick. Looks to me as if the photo has been taken from near where the Shetland Hotel now is.

As I kid in the 60's we lived in Sound, on the outskirts of Lerwick, and this was the view as we walked to school, minus the sailing ship of course.

There was always a hand coloured copy - yellow sunbursts - in our hall when I was a kid, in fact my parents still have it. I must try and replicate with Photoshop.

Classic. Enjoyed your "In the style of of JD Rattar" set on Flickr.

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