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Power cuts

Power cuts, originally uploaded by ccgd.

The boys lit by candles and lamps around our kitchen table. Power cuts and hellish weather in late October.

It was the first time that all three boys have been home for a couple of months, as Charlie and Hamish are now away at Uni, and Magnus is often away, cycling, training or visiting his girlfriend in Paisley. Luckily cycling, training and visiting his girlfriend are often the same thing, as she is another young Scotland star, on the track, rather than Magnus's MTB.

Charlie is now a relaxed and serious third year, thinking about his thesis and looking for "interesting" Masters courses. Hamish is having a ball as a fresher at Strathclyde Business School, enjoying his course and having his girlfriend living in the next block of flats.

One final point, this picture reminds me of the Procol Harem album cover "Every picture tells a story" - if you are under 45 ask your Mum, she might just remember it.

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