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Ben Loyal

Ben Loyal, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Ben Loyal seen from the Watchill - Coldbackie. Taken in October 2003 (I think, this version has lost its EXE data).

This photo popped up in the most unexpected place today. Almost surreal. I was interviewing for senior staff for a new Research Lab that we are setting up, and the candidates all had to give presentations.

A few slides into one of the early PowerPoint's, and I this picture appeared on the screen. I thought, hang on I took that, how does the candidate know its one one of mine. Then I asked

"Excuse Me - where did you get the photo of Ben Loyal?"

"Oh - I downloaded it from the web - Flickr I think"

"Mmmm - I took it you know......"

First question after he finished:-

"So what's your view's on Copyright and License agreements?"

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