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Hamish and Calum

Hamish and Calum, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Its 29 years since I arrived as a fresher at the GSA, and 25 since I sat on these steps having my picture taken just after final exams.....

Hamish and I re-enact the moment on his first day in as a student in Glasgow - at Strathclyde.

Hello Calum
I just found your blog I got it from Flikr.. I also visited your web site.. Your pictures are truly awesome, I'm always looking at pictures of Scotland, I went on a backpack tour 4 yrs ago and fell in love with the country..
Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful sites of my favorite country.. I hope to visit again soon.. PS I'm sure I was a Scottish Lassie in another life:):)

Ahhhh I remember those days well myself... I will need to dig out my group photo on the steps.

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