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The road to Eilean nan Roan

The road to Eilean nan Roan, originally uploaded by ccgd.

A view of Eilean Nan Roan (Islands of the seals) from above Scullomie Harbour. Eilean nan Roan was the last island in Scotland to be abandoned, in 1938. The road leads to a decaying Harbour, with the empty island beyond. After that its due North until the Pole....

The island was home to a population of about 120 people in 1871. Because of changing economic circumstances, and loss of young men in WW1, by 1938 there were only 12 people left on the island. They left (abandoned) the island for new homes on the mainland.

There is a family story that an ancestor came from the island and I was taken there as a baby in the early 1960's by my Grandfather, on board the FV Primula,

see www.flickr.com/photos/ccgd/7773950/in/set-110161/

for the Flickr story about that vessel.

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