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Cycling to school

Cycling to school, originally uploaded by ccgd.

The racing season is now approaching, so Magnus's training schedule now includes a daily 20 km cycle to school. His brother has to take his school bag for him on the bus, or I have to take it in the car and meet him there.....

We have all been watching the Scottish Cycling team in the Commonwealth games a bit obbesively, though with obvious pleasure at their success. The bizarre thing is that some of the coaching staff we see on TV are same ones that coach Magnus the rest of the year.

Scotlands a wee place.

Very nice bike! My brother is into long distance cycling of the Audax variety and he's cycled around India also.

Surely your son should take his own bag to school... would make the bike heavier and therefore be like weight training! ;)

Scotland has done very well at the Commonwealth Games. Who'd have thought they were so many great Scottish swimmers?!

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