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Dinner with the FM

Dinner with the FM, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Last night night at the Scottish Renewables Awards Dinner in the Barony Hall a Strathclyde University. The FM was in barnstorming mode, as it was his last public appearance as First Minister, with the Election Campaign starting at Midnight.

He awarded Prof Steven Salter of Edinburgh University the first Saltire Medal for a life time achievement in Renewable Energy Development.

High ISO snap taken with my old Canon, without flash - taking flash photography of the First Minister at a private dinner is not a great career move - but having spent a wee bit of time over the past few months working with him and his team on the whole renewables agenda I was keen to capture a moment in Scottish history, and a very relaxed FM in his element.

Oh and in case you have not picked up from facebook, I've a new day job. I'm now HIE's Director of Energy and Low Carbon, with a strong focus on developing ocean renewable energy in the North of Scotland.

Looking forward to the challenge, whoever wins the election in six weeks time, and the chance to take lots of snaps of large things made of metal.

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