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Aberdeen Docks

Aberdeen Docks, originally uploaded by ccgd.

A view I always find surreal.

Dashing for the 16:01 train to Edinburgh - I'd been up at the University for the First Ministers Launch of the Scottish European Green Energy Centre - and had to be in Edinburgh by 18:30.

I thought - nice afternoon, wait for a taxi - or stroll the mile or so down to the Station. Stroll won. Trouble was the weather in Aberdeen was atypical to say the least.

Gray skies, no wind and close - no not close humid humid humid humid.

So the stroll down to the station left my shirt so soaked with sweat I looked liked I'd been in a shower.

Living by the Cromarty Firth the sight of vessels such as these is common, bit always from a distance. So I still get a little frisson of exitment when I turn a corner in Aberdeen and see this.

Nice shot. That kind of disproportionate shot of a vessel at the quayside always reminds me of childhood in Glasgow, when huge ships were still being built. We used to go down to the south bank facing John Brown's to watch the "Q4" (the QE2) go up like a massive tower block with funnels.

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