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The Hercules

The Hercules, originally uploaded by ccgd.

24 hours in San Francisco, so I had to take a photo of Alcatraz.

Its bright and sunny here, although there is a cold westerly wind. Quite like Easter Ross on a sunny Autumn day.

Couple of things though :-

-I know know the way to San Jose
-I've seen no-one with flowers in their hair

I had about 2 hours between business meetings so I took a cable car ride over the hill to Fisherman's Wharf, and looked at Alcatraz and the golden gate bridge.

Gosh the Americans do tourist tat in a big way. The most cheesy bits of Boston were high society to the tourist centre of San Francisco. Its all done very tongue in cheek though, and tourists are everywhere so its not that bad.

The city reminds me of Lisbon more and more though.

Seattle later today.

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