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robots@mit, originally uploaded by ccgd.

A rather spooky looking sociable robot at the MIT Medialab, in Boston, where I have been for the last week. In fact my stay in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has been rather longer than planned, as I my flight back to the UK was cancelled yesterday.

I understand that there was a little bit of snow in London.

So here I am waiting to return - luckily through T4 rather than T5 in Heathrow (I'm returning from the USA with lots of new shirts and socks as most of mine liked T5 so much they stayed there for an extra four days when Ruth and I transited through Heathrow last week). My problem is that I'm now on the "red-eye" the overnight flight that gets into the UK at 5:15 in the morning, and then I need to get around the M25 to Gatwick to get the 9:30 flight home.


I usually try and fly back on a daytime flight from the states, as you leave the US at 8:00am local time and arrive at 8:00pm local time. \straight to bed, and jet lag is pretty well sorted.

Not so with the red eye. A sleepless night in a recliner, and then the torment of the M25 and Gatwick South Terminal.

Wish me luck.

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