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Between the Sutors

Between the Sutors, originally uploaded by ccgd.

This is the first of two demonstrator windmills, the start of a planned 200 windmill windfarm based around the Beatrice Oil Field, in the Inner Moray Firth. This is one of the largest off-shore windmills built in the UK, and certainly the windmill built in the deepest water.

Assembled at Nigg this shows the windmill being towed out between the Sutors in the Crane Barge Rambiz.

Nice shot Calum,
I'm currently working on a similar project with Shell off the Dutch coast in much shallower water (20m). I have visited Invergordon on a number of ships over the years so your photographs bring back many memories.

Glad you like them Tom - if these two protoypes work OK the plan is for 200 to be constructed, and installed in the Beatrice Oil Field.

Hey, Im involved with this project, but am stuck in an office in Aberdeen. Good to get an idea of it.

Well the second tower is now up at Nigg, I wonder how long to assemble this one?

Last one took about two months.....

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