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Under the Kessock Bridge

Under the Kessock Bridge, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Linking the Black Isle to to Inverness.

I have a long association with this bridge - not least because I have commuted over it for the past 21 years living in Cromarty, but in the late summer of 1969, I commuted from across the Kessock Ferry (Crown School in Inverness from North Kessock) watching a small survey barge drill test bores for the engineers who would design and build these very same concrete piles in the summer of 1979.

I then spend the summer of 1979 commuting the other way across the Kessock Ferry (in an Austin Allegro) to undertake Farm survey work for DAFS, spending my lunchtimes in the Cromarty Arms, and watching both platforms being built at Nigg, and the Kessock Bridge slowly growing out the mud of the Inverness Firth.

Interesting post Calum. I too remember watching the Bridge being built, although as we lived in Kingussie I didn't see it as often as you. Still, we travelled an awful lot from Kingussie up to see my grandaunt and uncle in Dingwall, and more family in Tain, so I had cause to see it quite a lot of times. I've never seen it from this perspective though!

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