Saturday, December 31, 2005

Straw coloured morning

Straw coloured morning, originally uploaded by ccgd.

I took this photo in mid September, when the sunrise through the Sutors is just magical. The rig was a Galaxy Jack-up stacked just outside the Firth, and it provided me with a series of great shots during the two weeks it was parked there.

This photo was also my first try at the infamous Flickr Deleteme group, where it very narrowly failed to be "Saved" - 10 to 9 because - rightly - the crop was not quite perfect. This version has been re-cropped and looks much better.

Ruth thought the title was iffy, so I changed it when I submitted it BBC Scotland for their pics of the week. It was used - in mid September - , and is also my most viewed and interesting shot on Flickr.

I also like it a lot.....

Frosted Stone on Cromarty Beach

Frosted Stone on Cromarty Beach, originally uploaded by ccgd.

The week between Christmas and New Year saw a strange period of weather. Heavy fog followed by two days of hard frost, then a damp squib of a snowfall washed away by drizzle. The frost made some amazing patterns on the beach, and I caught this remarkable pebble near Bobby Hoggs shed.

As I write this entry it is the 55th most interesting photo on Flickr for the 30th...... I know it is narcissistic to look at the listings, but we are all human.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Fortrose Harbour

Fortrose Harbour, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Ruth and I took a run over to Fortrose a couple of days ago and took a walk along the beach. Although we both pass through the town almost every day, on our way to work and school, we rarely stop (except at the shops and bank!) so this shot of the harbour and the sun setting over a very foggy Great Glen was an unexpected surprise.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The first snows of Winter

The first snows of Winter, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Although it's Christmas Eve the weather is mild, but windy. Th snow on the Ben is just about gone. I took this shot driving to work last month, from the County Road just under Davidston. Ben Wyvis at it's early winter best.

Muirneag - the infamous 16 hour crossing

Muirneag, originally uploaded by ccgd.

Although I'm in Stornoway on a fairly regular basis, it has been a few years since I took the ferry - in fact I have never been on the current vessel - as I tend to fly back and fro these days.

I'm glad I never took this ferry on the 11 /11/2005 - a bad early winter storm condemned this vessel to 16 hours in the worst weather that the Minch can offer.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Poor loft window - Cromarty East Church

I'm starting to pull together a blog, mainly as an experiment so that I can get a together a flickr blog for its Scotland pool - of which I am one of the Admins.

The Doors and Windows pool has quite a nice a blog idea - if one of your photos is nominated for, you get the chance to nominate the next. Might try that....

This photo was nominated back in the summer - it's one of my personal faves.