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Straw coloured morning

Straw coloured morning, originally uploaded by ccgd.

I took this photo in mid September, when the sunrise through the Sutors is just magical. The rig was a Galaxy Jack-up stacked just outside the Firth, and it provided me with a series of great shots during the two weeks it was parked there.

This photo was also my first try at the infamous Flickr Deleteme group, where it very narrowly failed to be "Saved" - 10 to 9 because - rightly - the crop was not quite perfect. This version has been re-cropped and looks much better.

Ruth thought the title was iffy, so I changed it when I submitted it BBC Scotland for their pics of the week. It was used - in mid September - , and is also my most viewed and interesting shot on Flickr.

I also like it a lot.....

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